Saturday, 12 July 2014

Next Meeting, Wednesday 16 July : British Feminist Art, 1970-1978

A quick reminder our next meeting is almost upon us. 


This month's talk will be by Dr Hazel Frizell.  Her presentation is based on her doctoral thesis of 2009 entitled “Representations of Specific Concerns of the Women’s Liberation Movement in British Feminist Art 1970 – 1978.”
More information on our "This Month" page, here

June: Children's Literacy

At Craft Club, Victoria showed members how to make wonderful earring display stands out of old picture frames and fabric. Why spend a fortune when you can upcycle? Step aside Kirsty Allsop!

turning these...
into this

The monthly meeting began with an impromptu photo session outside the vestry hall, to provide Helena with some new images to update our publicity leaflets with. Hopefully we can share her work at the next meeting.

The NFWI Resolution, Organ Donation – Time to Talk, which we voted to support at our May meeting, was passed at the AGM with a 98% majority vote.   

More information on how we as a WI and as individuals can support this can be found here:

And so on to our speaker!  Harriet Watson from Beanstalk spoke to us about the work they and their volunteers carry out to improve children’s literacy, through working in primary schools on a one-to-one basis with children who need help with their reading skills.  Our committee member, Jenny, also spoke about her experiences as a Beanstalk volunteer. 

If anyone is interested in finding out more about becoming a volunteer, please go to  or contact us at and we’ll be happy to give you Harriet’s contact details.

May - Advice for the Future

Apologies for the lack of updates recently!

We started May with card making at Craft Club, where Nicky taught us the intricate art of tea-bag folding for card making.  It's not the actual tea bags that get folded, it started with the pretty wrappers they used to come in.  We had a great time, and got some wonderful results

Our main meeting began with us taking a vote about whether to vote yes or no as a WI to the NFWI Resolution at the AGM. Toto, President of Fulham and Chelsea WI came along to collect our vote, as she is representing us at the AGM.  The resolution was on promoting more discussion of organ donation (more about it in notes from our June meeting) and we voted a resounding "Yes".

Our main speaker was Edwina Dunn, founder of the What I See Project. She talked to us about the project, and how it looks at what it is to be a woman today, globally, and what advice we'd give to young women today, and then it was our turn to be photographed with our words of wisdom! 

You can find out more about the What I See Project here:

More pictures of us with our whiteboards can be found here:

Saturday, 17 May 2014

April and spring paper birds

With the lighter nights of April it was a real pleasure to saunter down to St George's in Bloomsbury for our monthly meeting...


Coming in May we have another trip to the British Museum for the Ancient Lives exhibition at the British Museum, this time we only had ten tickets on offer for the community preview so Victoria gambled that we could fill all spaces and already had an entry time of 2:50pm.

Our April craft club was small but perfectly formed, our theme for the month was simple jewellery making. We did learn that some of us really like shiny things and
some truly fabulous earrings were made on the night.

Next month we have Nicky giving us an introduction to tea bag folding! Apparently this is a form of paper folding... I for one was intrigued.

Pam reminded us that we do have the Phoenix Gardens in September and volunteers will be needed to make, bake and look after the stall.

Jane announced that there will be a coach trip on June the 5th taking in Rye and Hastings, tickets for this are £14 and you can get further details from Jane.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday the 21st of May when we will be hearing about and getting involved with the What I See project!

Paper crafting with Helena

This month we had a practical section lead by our very own Helena. She explained the idea behind the
craft before letting us loose on a plethora of coloured card along with the all essential scissors, glue sticks and guiding templates. The idea was pretty simple, creating garden birds with layers of card.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well nothing as it happened, with Helena on hand to give us hints and tips many of the
ladies got on with the task of creating whichever bird they had decided was perfect for them.

As the evening moved on the card rapidly started to turn in to some lovely interpretations of the real thing!

The grand finale came when Helena revealed just why she'd gone foraging for branches earlier as she demonstrated how we could add a piece of transparent thread and hang the birds in their natural habitat...

It was really quite impressive how good they looked! Well, except maybe for that blue-ish bird with the orange bits. It is certainly a good way to have some simple fun with very little in the way of materials.

Our thanks to Helena for taking the time and providing us with the card, templates and the guidance in creating our little pieces of arty nature.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

March and Holistic Therapy

Welcome to Wednesday! Yes we're back in the Upper Vestry but now on our new evening of the third Wednesday in the month... Sadly after all her work dealing with the practicalities of the change, President Pam couldn't be there to oversee the evening as she was away in sunnier climes on business.

Which meant that I had to do it...


Firstly a welcome to two new members, Kirsten and Bernadette!

As you may recall we are in the process of changing federation from Surrey to Middlesex, this is in progress and we are awaiting confirmation.

Knitting and, err, texting...
The trial for a new Craft Club venue went well, hence we have booked again for next month (1st of April) when I will be bringing along my box of bits so we can try our hand at basic jewellery making. The room certainly lived up to expectations with eight of us being there for the first evening. One of the ladies from Atlantis Bookshop even mad a special sign so late arrivals could find us:
Tea and 
Oh. Anyway, it was a really could craft evening with Jane explaining how to read patterns. Again thanks must go to Jane for her patience.

Also this month we had the community preview of the Vikings exhibition at the British Museum, it was certainly an interesting exhibition although it was apparent there were a few teething troubles with the new space.

Holistic Therapy

Our speaker for the evening was Julieanne Cresswell of Papillon Angels. Her talk opened with a deeply personal rendition of her journey from being a Deputy Headteacher at a Pupil Referral Unit to where she is today concentrating on her particular flavour of holistic therapy. It was quite apparent that she holds the benefits with high regard and she talked enthusiastically about meditation, massage, spirits and  even angel card readings.

We did get the opportunity to try the meditation as a group. Julieanne set the scene by playing some deeply calming music as she lead us through the steps needed to take us to a meditative state. Her voice is beautifully soothing, calm, reassuring and it was easy to relax in to the flow of the process.

I'm glad to say that I wasn't the only lady that reported having shed a few tears as we relaxed!

The range of questions that were put to Julieanne were as interesting as the responses given, as a flavour of these I noted:
  • Were you psychic when young?
  • What is angel card reading?
  • Does everybody have an angel?
  • How does this connect with counselling.
Towards the end of the session Julieanne offered the opportunity to try a little hand massage with two of us taking up the offer. I have to say I was astonished by the emotional release that came from this and I think it's safe to say I will be making time in my diary to see how Julieanne and her approach can help me.

Julieanne offers her services at a number of sites, further details of which can be found on her website.

Finally, as a thank you, Julieanne was presented with a LWEWI teapot and cosy as crafted by Jane!